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  • "Police say the reason for the attack could be because Mr Kondaiah told too many people of the alleged magical powers of his right leg." I think we've all learned a valuable lesson today. If you have a magical leg, don't go blabbin' off at the mouth about it. Story is here.
  • As soon as she got out of prison, who did Alycia Lane call? Ed Rendell. If I ever go to jail, I'm gonna call my powerful political connections, too. Randy, Narberth's official dog catcher, should be expecting a phone call if I ever punch a cop.
  • In other Alycia Lane news, I got totally censored by the Metro today. In the little sports thing, the first question was, "What is it about Donovan McNabb that causes so much drama?" I answered, "If he didn't want drama, he shouldn't have punched that dyke cop." The 2nd question was, "Andy Reid is sick of talking about McNabb's future. What else is there to talk about?" I answered "Dyke cops." That one didn't make it by the censors either. There goes that damn politically correct left wing media again! I guess sayin' "Dyke cop" is like sayin' "Merry Christmas" these days. The mainstream media's all a bunch of left-wing Christ hating dyke cop supporters.

  • Got a new photo connector thingie, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up on photos manana.


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